Empathy Synonyms and Examples of Empathy in a Sentence

This page will teach you synonyms of the English word empathy and show you how to use empathy in a sentence.

Synonyms for empathy

The top synonym for empathy is compassion.

Some other good synonyms for empathy are:

  • identification
  • responsiveness
  • sympathy
  • understanding
  • affinity
  • chemistry
  • communion
  • feeling
  • heart
  • kinship
  • pity
  • rapport
  • soul

Examples of empathy in a sentence

Watch video clips that show how to use empathy in a sentence. Read the captions and think about the collocations (words found in the same sentence as empathy). Listen to the usage of empathy in context. Think about what the word means. Pay attention to the pronunciation of empathy.

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